One Piece 1st Anniversary Tournament!


One Piece Pirates!

Official One Piece 1st Anniversary Tournament events are near!

Schedule Sat, Dec 8th  and Mon, Dec 11th  @ 6:30PM.

Entry: $30.00

Format: Sealed

Prizes for the Event

■Participation P-037 Monkey.D.Luffy

■Participation 1st Anniversary Tournament Pack

■Winner P-041 Monkey.D.Luffy (Silver Foil + Gold Stamp)

• 0-1 Match Wins will get (1) AWAKENING OF THE NEW ERA- [OP-05] Booster Pack

• 2 Match Wins will get (2) AWAKENING OF THE NEW ERA- [OP-05] Booster Pack

• 3 Match Wins will get (3) AWAKENING OF THE NEW ERA- [OP-05] Booster Pack 

• 4 Match Wins will get (5) AWAKENING OF THE NEW ERA- [OP-05] Booster Pack


One Piece Card Game Sealed Format Rules 

■Experience the fun of sealed format! In sealed format, players each open a set number of booster packs from specified sets and build their decks using only the cards they open. Unlike standard play, you can ignore the normal deck building color restrictions based on your leader and can include cards of any color in your deck, and there are additional special rules for deckbuilding.   

■ Each participant will receive 6 Booster Packs of AWAKENING OF THE NEW ERA- [OP-05] -You may bring your own leader (including those from previous sets) to use in the event. -Please bring 10x DON!! Cards to participate in the event.  

■Deck Construction Rules After opening 6 packs, players build a 40-card deck, and a 10 DON!! card deck. There are no banned or restricted cards, and players can include as many copies of cards with the same card number as they like. (There is no 4-card limit and 5 or more copies of a card with the same card number can be included in decks.) Any cards left over from deck construction are treated as sideboard cards.  

■ Match Format is Swiss draw format to match players with the closest win rates.  

■Sideboards Cards not used in decks are treated as sideboard cards. In-between games, players can exchange cards in their deck with cards in their sideboard. Players can exchange as many cards between deck and sideboard as they like, so long as they have a legal number of cards in their deck.  

■Players can keep any cards they open in packs.  

■Special Game Rules for sealed format games, players can ignore deck color requirements based on their leader.  Example: Ordinarily with the red starter deck ST01-001 Monkey D.Luffy as your leader, you would be restricted to only having red cards in your deck, however in sealed format you can use cards of any color in your deck, even though your leader is only red. All other card text restrictions still apply as normal, including effects listed on leaders when specifying names or colors of cards. 

Example 1: With your leader as OP01-060 “Donquixote Doflamingo”, you may only search for [The Seven Warlords of the Sea] type Character cards when triggering his ability  

Example 2: When using the ability of OP01-067 “Crocodile” “Blue Event cards in your hand cost 1 less to play” would only apply to Blue Event cards – This would not apply to Event cards of other colors