Frontline Covid-19 Updates


Frontline Games is dedicated to keeping our players and customers safe!

Due to several Montgomery County Covid-19 emergency orders,

Frontline Games will be requiring our patrons to wear masks inside Frontline Game’s physical location.

 If you are coming into the store to browse, shop, or play in our weekly events, you must be wearing a mask at ALL times.

Our kitchen will remain open for food purchases but any food must be eaten in a designated room

where you will be 6 feet a part while you remove your mask to eat.

If you do not own a mask, you can purchase a Frontline Games store mask for $5.99 at the front checkout counter.

All of these precautions are to assist Montgomery county in slowing the

spread of Covid-19 to keep our local players safe and playing the games they love!

Thank you for your cooperation.


- Frontline Games Staff