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Lumineth Realm-Lords Scinari Calligrave

Lumineth Realm-Lords Scinari Calligrave

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  • Description
    Scinari Calligraves are esoteric symbol-mages, adept at painting aetherquartz light-magic onto the very realm itself in the form of colossal aelven runes. As the magic of geomantic transference passes from their pages to the land beneath their feet, powerful effects ripple through the earth to help allies and hinder foes.

    Carried above the ground they manipulate on long daethar shoes, the Calligraves are excellent support mages able to embolden their allies and strike down their enemies. The sword they carry isn't just for show either – in a pinch these arcane specialists are just as capable as any Lumineth hero of fighting back with a length of cold steel.

    The kit is comprised of 10 plastic components, with which you can assemble one Scinari Calligrave, and is supplied with 1x Citadel 32mm Round Base.
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    Part Code: 99070210002
    Format: Plastic Clam
    GW Barcode: 5011921987986
    Short Code: 87-13