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Kill Team: Moroch

Kill Team: Moroch

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    • The second Kill Team expansion, packed with terrain, new rules, missions, Spec Ops and miniatures! • The new Blooded Kill Team includes various operatives with new weapons and rules available for the first time. The Phobos Strike Team Kill Team provides Space Marines with a host of new upgrades and equipment to create a fully armed Kill Team of precise armoured stalkers. • Approximately 65% additional value Codex: Chaos Knights (43-18) •The essential book for Chaos Knight players in Warhammer 40,000 • This 112-page hardback Codex: Chaos Knights includes all the required rules for fielding Chaos Knights armies and using their unique new rules • Covering background information, miniatures showcase, all the rules needed for Matched Play games and a bespoke Chaos Knights Crusade section.
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    Part Code: 60010199045
    Format: Core Game
    GW Barcode: 5011921165131
    Short Code: 102-06