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Blood Bowl Team Card Pack – Orc Team

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  • Description

    This is a pack of handy reference cards for an Orc Blood Bowl team, along with blank cards allowing every coach to create their own players! Contained in the pack:

    - Reference cards for Goblins, Throwers, Blitzers, Black Orc Blockers and Trolls;
    - Reference cards for the following star players: Scrappa Sorehead, Ripper Bolgrot, The Black Gobbo;
    - The following blank cards that you can use to create your own players: 8 Linemen, 5 Goblins, 3 Throwers, 5 Blitzers, 5 Black Orc Blockers, 2 Trolls;
    - A team roster card, with match record on the reverse;
    - 5 Special Play cards: Spear Chukka, Shamanic Ju Ju, Unforgiving Fans, Fungus Brew, Squigeon Away;
    - The most important card: a card explaining how to use the other cards.

Available Feburay 5th!
Available Feburay 5th!
Available Feburay 5th!
Available Feburay 5th!